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Check Mate - B2/C1

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In this ELT Premium lesson plan for adults about Gaming, students watch a video from TED ED to explore what happened when the AI system Deep Q Networks (DQN) attempted to beat the Atari game Montezuma’s Revenge and, in the reading tasks, discuss the growing trend in board games.

" In 2013, a group of researchers at DeepMind in London had set their sights on a grand challenge. They wanted to create an AI system that could beat, not just a single Atari game, but every Atari game. They developed a system they called Deep Q Networks, or DQN, and less than two years later, it was superhuman."

This English worksheet includes a plethora of engaging, relevant discussion questions about the video and reading; and additional conversation activities on the topic that can be used for English Speaking Clubs of approx. 60 minutes; including time to discuss the language in the lessons and to cover emerging language.

This premium ESL lesson plan includes lexically rich vocabulary that is pre-taught before the video and the reading; all with tasks that help the student to really feel the language being used and encourages them to activate it.